Kishrey Tarbut Tevel - Israeli Tour Seminars around the world

Kishrey Tarbut Tevel is a privately owned tour company in Israel.

Kishrey Tarbut Tevel initiates and organizes unique, premium and cultural seminar tours to a large variety of places around the world for well educated travelers. These tours include 2 to 3 guides, most of them academic professors from different universities.

The company is an independent travel agency, booking directly all air and ground services.

Each tour is accompanied by a tour director in addition to the guiding staff. 

The company's goal is to enrich the expected pleasure of each seminar beyond the traveler’s expectations and to escalate it to new heights. Every tour ends up with added values to the travelers not only by the knowledge they receive but furthermore by all the trip components.

The company never settles for less than the best for its clients - planning, guiding, management, and a personal enthusiastic director in every tour.

However, the competition is very tough and even loyal clients compare prices by the dollar, so that the company has to be very careful about its pricing strategy. 

The company now is striving to form better and closer relationships with agents and touring services worldwide. 

התקשרו עכשיו 073-3742283 או מלאו פרטים ונחזור בהקדם